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10 Most Popular Korean Stars 2016

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Korean Artists News-10 Most Popular Korean Stars 2016
Fans of Korean stars are just getting higher. Most fans are women, this is evidenced by the many actors more popular than Korean Actress. the following of the Korean Actors and artist based on their popularity is evident from the large number of people clicking like on facebook site, to see how popular Korean stars in the eyes of fans. Top 10 Most Popular Korean Stars 2016 are:

1.Lee Min Ho (1,631,290)

Lee Min Ho was born in Seoul, South Korea, June 22, 1987, aged 23. His name become popular after acting as Gu Jun-pyo in a drama series Boys Before Flowers. Apart from BOYS BEFORE FLOWER, this artist become a major player in the drama series PERSONAL TASTE. In 2006, Lee Min Ho had a car accident that made quite a serious leg injury. Her right leg should be included iron plate to sustain his body. But in June of 2009, these plates have been removed and now Lee Min Ho has recovered completely.

2.Kim Hyun Joong (1,046,144)

Together with Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong's name also become popular after starring in the BOYS BEFORE FLOWER drama. Born in Seoul, South Korea, on June 6, 1986, Kim Hyun Joong is the actor and leader of boyband SS501. In 2013, he starred in a drama series Playful KISS.

3.Kim Bum (813,692)

Kim Bum was born in South Korea, July 7, 1989 age 21. starring as So Yi Jeong in the television series Boys BEFORE Flowers. Besides playing movies guy with dazzling smile is also adept at playing the piano. Kim Bum personality is actually very different from the role he played in the BBF, the actor who also played in the drama "Marry ME STILL was admitted as a shy and not really able to hang out with beautiful women.

4.Kim Joon (531.999)

four of the top names scored the highest sticking out of the drama series, Boys Over Flowers. The fame of this drama was remarkable. This time kim joon shift which acts as Song Wo Bin, the most mysterious character in the BBF for not too much of life as revealed by other characters. Besides his profession as an actor, Kim Joon is also a singer. He joined the boy band T Max and plays as a rapper.

5.Rain (266.758)

In fourth position is a senior Korean actor, Rain who received 266.758 votes. Rain was born in Seoul on June 25, 1982, and is known as a singer, dancer and a talented actor. Rain name could penetrate hollywood as main actor in the movie Ninja Assassin. in 2011, Rain also starred in a drama that so awaited presence in Indonesia with the title Fugitive.

6.Jang Geun Seok (176.078)

Popularity Jang Geun Suk was taken up in Indonesia after starring in the film You're Beautiful. handsome and good acting that makes it so easy to get a place in the hearts of female fans. Actually, Jang Geun Suk who was born on March 4, 1987 has been in existence long enough in the Korean TV drama series. In 2002 he has starred in TV series show entitled ORANGE. Last drama in 2011 was MARY OUT ALL NIGHT.

7.Choi Siwon (163.061)

Choi Siwon has a handsome face. He is a member of Popular boy band, Super Junior.163,061 fans who was got probably because his great performance on Super Junior and also aggressively in acting during the year 2011. This year the man who was born 7 April 1986 was involved in two drama projects, OH MY Lady and also ATHENA.

8.Song Hye Gyo (110.436)

after dominated by actors ultimately an artist's name appears at the No. 8. Looks like Korean dramas is destined to attract women than men, that so many Korean actors who get the fans instead of than actresses. Song Hye Gyo was born on November 22, 1981 and has starred in many dramas like Autumn IN MY HEART, ALL IN, and the most famous is the Full House, where he played with Rain.

9.Taecyeon (55.103)

Name Taecyeon popular as rappers in the Korean boyband, 2PM. Taecyeon was born December 27, 1988. he is also starring in one of the famous Korean drama, Cinderella STEP SISTER and act as a baseball player named Jungwoo. In his childhood Taecyeon had moved to Massachusetts,America and in fact initially in New York he auditioned held by JYP Entertainment to become a model.

10.Yong Jung Hwa (50.508)

Name Yong Jung Hwa become popular after starring in You're Beautiful Korean drama that aired on SBS in 2009 and aired in Indonesia with the title HE IS BEAUTIFUL began July 26, 2011. In this drama he plays as Kang Shin Woo. Apart from being an actor, Yong Jung Hwa is the leader of the famous indie korea band, CN Blue, with their hits, entitled I'm a Loner.

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rijiyeona said...

kim hyun joong oppa .......fighting

Becky & David said...

Would anybody be able to tell me if these Korean celebrities can speak English? :)

monaliza rae said...

Luv u...lee min ho n jang geun suk............

ronaliza bayani said...

yes, some of them can speak korean, just like taecyon ! He knows 5 languages :)

Hnin Thet Wai said...

lee min ho oppa,,,, i like you

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We've been involved with controlling a number of the biggest contemporary artists in all over the world the previous couple of decades. But it is a various sport on the market now. How often have I seen “Rely on my music.” Thinking and creating the artist into a global audio entity is a procedure concerning associates, knowledge and proper skill.

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Taecyeon can

Pegasusu Dith said...

Don't forget this..
Currently I believe that the beautiful and Cute Son Ye Jin is one of the best actress in Korean! Look how many awards di she have in her age (more than 30 awards) … Isn't it one of new record for Korean Actress?
Son Ye Jin acting performance is always good and constantly look much better and better… I like her both as an actress or in the real live. Nice person, friendly, peace lover and far from any gossip. I saw all of her movie : Secret Tears, Chihwaseon, Delicious Proposal, Sun-hee & Jin-hee, Dae Mang The Great Hope, Lovers Concerto, The Classic, Crazy First Love, Summer Scent, Alone in Love, Spotlight, A Moment to Remember, April Snow, The Art of Seduction, Yobi the Five Tailed Fox (voice), Spotlight, Open City, and My Wife Got Married, Personal Taste, White Night, Spellbound, The Tower, Shark and Accomplice. I praise her performance is always above the average.
She changed her style from innocent girl/women to adult women since his performance in Art of seduction (one of her funniest movie beside Crazy First love).
Honestly i prefer The classic and Moment to remember than her adult and sexy performance in April Snow and Art of seduction but i realize that she want to be a versatile actress. I will always wait for her next movie. My Next movie target will be “The Pirate!”
... etc
And I fully agree with Kim Ji Seok, Haha etc...

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