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Photo - Profile - Biography Lee Min Ho | The Best Korean Male Artists

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Photo - Profile - Biography Lee Min Ho | The Best Korean Male Artists-Lee Min Ho (Hangul: 이민호, born June 22, 1987) is a South Korean actor who is best known for his leading role in 2009 as 'Gu Jun Pyo', the leader of the group of students known as F4, in the South Korean television series Boys Over Flowers. He started his career in small drama roles in 2006, but he came to prominence with his acting role in Boys Over Flowers. He has subsequently appeared in the 2010 romantic comedy drama Personal Taste and the 2011 action drama City Hunter.

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Lee Min Ho, Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday to one of HOT and gorgeous Korean Artist Lee Min Ho :) 
He was born on 22nd June 1987 in Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul (7 years younger than me :( ) 

Who doesn't know Boys Over Flower?? or Personal Taste???
If U ever watched those Booming K-Drama series, U must know the gorgeous actor ...Lee Min Ho

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Lee Min Ho Celebrates Birthday With Release New Album

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Lee Min Ho Celebrates Birthday With Release New Album, Handsome actor Lee Min Ho celebrating birthday to 28. To commemorate this, Lee Min Ho also released a new single titled 'Thank You'.

Lee Min Ho started his career as an actor with starring in the Korean drama 'Sharp' in 2003. His name began to rebound since portray the character Gu Jun Pyo in the Korean drama 'Boys Before Flowers'. After that, a series of drama - Korean drama also starred. And of course, all have a high rating. Call it 'Personal Taste', 'City Hunter', 'Faith' and 'the heirs'. Lee Min Ho is currently being affair with Suzy miss A.
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10 Most Popular Korean Stars 2016

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Korean Artists News-10 Most Popular Korean Stars 2016
Fans of Korean stars are just getting higher. Most fans are women, this is evidenced by the many actors more popular than Korean Actress. the following of the Korean Actors and artist based on their popularity is evident from the large number of people clicking like on facebook site, to see how popular Korean stars in the eyes of fans. Top 10 Most Popular Korean Stars 2016 are:
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7 Most Beautiful Women in the World

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Some time ago, a survey to determine the most beautiful woman in the world is done by well-known and richest site in the world. Of 2 million voters, it appears that the woman in her 40s still dominate the top. Here is the result.

1. Monica Belluci
If you are a fan of the Matrix movie, of course, know this female figure. At first Monica Belluci plunge into the world of celebrities due to need money for tuition. And he is active in the world model.

Luxury circle Monica Belluci apparently attracted to the world of celebrities. Rapidly rising career. He became famous models in mainland Europe.

Their work in stop there. He was also involved in many movies. The Matrix is a movie serial of the most phenomenal. Until now the existence of Monica Belluci has not deterred.

2. Kate Upton
Sequence number two most beautiful women in the world is Kate Upton. Women whose full name Katherin Elizabeth Upton was born on June 10, 1992.

Perhaps because that gives votenya mostly men, Kate Upton directly to number two after Monica Belluci. Aside from being a model, she also played roles in several films.

3. Angelina Jolie
For movie lovers, old Angelina Jolie is already very familiar. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is one of the successful film in various parts of the world.
Although he was nearly half a century, did not shake its position as the most beautiful woman in the world. He defeated many young women are in gaining this position.
He is interested in acting as they often watch movies with her mother. Then she began to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

4. Aishwarya Rai
Again women aged around 40 years still dominate the list of the world's most beautiful woman. This time a Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai.
His achievements in the music industry is fairly phenomenal. Rows of awards he got from various roles. Films like Dhoom: 2, Jodha Akbar and Devdas gain great success.

5. Irina Shayk
He is a lover of football player Cristiano Ronaldo. Russian woman born in January 6, 1986 works as a model.
His career skyrocketed model in the world in 2007. Her picture fills many magazine covers of the world-famous fashion magazine. He is also the brand ambassador of several world-class fashion products.

6. Meryem Uzerli
Meryem Uzerli name not previously known to the world community. Only after he played in the Serial Muhtasem Hurem Yuzyil (Magnificent Century), the name immediately skyrocketed. Its popularity makes him directly perched at No. 6 as the most beautiful woman in the world.

But behind the beauty and success of his career, he suffered from Burnout Syndrome. This illness forced him to resign from the Magnificent Century series before completing the entire episode.

7. Charlize Theron
 He was born on August 7, 1975 in South Africa. In his home country he took ballet education. But its expertise is not so profitable financially.

Then she traveled around Europe and America. And get a job as a ballet dancer and photo models. After the accident that left a career in dance stopped, he tried his luck in acting.

His ability in acting earned him numerous awards. Academy Award she won when she starred in the film Monster.
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Latest News Artist Couple Korea

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Latest News Artist Couple Korea, News and gossip from Korean artist indeed many who seek it. This is because in recent years, the Korean artist artist became one of the public figures who idolized by the people of Indonesia, especially the youth.

Associated with the increasing number of Korean artists this is not due to chance, but more and more popping movies and dramas originating from that country. In fact, some serial drama also had dominated the private television station in Indonesia.

Apart from the screening of the film amupun drama series with artist artist who arguably could steal this, many modes were emulated by the msyarakat, be it how to dress, makeup and hair pieces Korean artist models.

Personal life several Korean artists are also not spared from the target of the fans. Even Biography, Gossip artist or activities undertaken these artists has always followed its development by lovers of artists from these neighboring countries. And here is some info about the Korean artist couple who certainly will not miss.

Recent Korean artist couple

Starting the new year 2014, already reported about two pairs of Korean artists who officially reveal the affair, the SNSD YoonA and Lee Seung Gi, as well as new boyfriend SNSD Sooyoung is Jung Kyung Ho. However, unlike most other artists who just left his fans when they are known to the public has had a girlfriend. Both of these couples actually received a lot of support from the fans. And the following are some of the latest gossip Korean artist couple who got a lot of support from their fans.

Couples Artist Kim Tae Hee and Rain

The news began to smell at the beginning of 2013 yesterday where Kim Tae Hee and Rain was spotted on a date and just when Rain conscripted. But the pair have not yet seen the Korean artyis road together again although Rain had completed military duty imposed on the Korean nation.

Artist Couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum

Latest gossip Korean Artists subsequent fall in pair Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum. Playing in the same drama makes both artists experienced a CINLOK. After completing both Korean drama titled, 'Goddess of Fire', they announced to the public as lovers and immediately establish a joint vacation trip around Europe but also with the crew 'Goddess of Fire'.

Artist couple SNSD YoonA and Lee Seung Gi

The beginning of 2014 seems to be a happy year for this Korean artist couple. Precisely on January 1, 2014, the K-Pop music lovers in general and in particular SNSD made a stir with news about the relationship between YoonA and Lee Seung Gi. SM Entertainment and Hook Entertainment confirmed if they are in the exploratory period.

Artist couple SNSD Sooyoung And Jung Kyung Ho

Their relationship has been running long enough was already known by the public, but the second pair koreaterbaru artist is denied that the two had an affair. This they do in order to avoid the abandonment by their fans. For me, reading the news and know more about the second pair
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Handsome Korean Artist Photos | Photo Won Bin

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Handsome Korean Artist Photos | Photo Won Bin - Korean drama fans who are not familiar with Won Bin? Actor famous through drama Endless Love this grown man now has become very handsome.

37-year-old actor was appointed to be the iconic face care products for Biotherm Homme. As you can see, in one photo, Won Bin looks so stylish with a suit in the concept of black and white photos.

Although taken in a candid, expression of the actor is absolutely perfect. Arguably none are as perfect as the veteran drama actor Won Bin, agreed?

In another photo, you will be spoiled with a close up photo of the actor. With this close, you can see what a face as perfect as Won Bin.

Beautiful Eyes, eyes sharp, manly face shape, this is what you will see from the figure of Endless Love. Perhaps all that's what makes the actor could still be in the acting world, although Korea has 17 years.

Although it is no drama and movie projects, Won Bin can not wait to be back with the crew laugh in a good drama. "I'm no project. I hope will quickly be able to laugh together everything in a good project," the story of the man born in 1977.
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Rain Creating Drama My Lovely Girl Laris

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Rain is still one of the South Korean actors with a very high popularity. Thanks to his involvement in the series My Lovely Girl, Korean dramas are an instant hit in China.

My Lovely Girl itself be sold to a streaming site Youku and Tudou with a fairly fantastic, which is 200 million won per episode and worth 3.2 billion won for the whole episode. This price beat Korean drama It's Okay, That's Love which successfully sold for 2 billion won.

For the first two episodes alone, My Lovely Girl've watched over 5.5 million times on Youku and Tudou 2.6 million times. In addition, My Lovely Girl also became the only Korean drama that went Top Ten in the list of the most watched drama on Youku.

The success of My Lovely Girl certainly can not be separated from the popularity of Rain itself. Rain however is not long enough to play in a romantic drama, so that they appear in My Lovely Girl really very awaited by his fans.

Rain himself revealed that he is very interested in the story My Lovely Girl, that's why he is keen to star in the drama along with co-star, Krystal f (x).
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Jessica SNSD

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Out of SNSD's Jessica, Krystal Exit From f (x)? After the shocking news about the release of Jessica from famous Korean girl group, SNSD, this time the latest news coming from the brother of Jessica, Krystal called - called also will pull out of f (x). Really?

Speculation about the departure of Krystal from f (x) is not without reason. During this time, Krystal and her sister, Jessica's sister is famous as a couple - an older brother who has a very strong bond. Both are often out together for a meal or simply want to vent. Jessica himself admitted that if he was more comfortable roads - roads with Krystal compared with other SNSD members. Proximity is what makes public K-Pop lovers, especially fans of SNSD and f (x) Krystal in question the existence of f (x) after the exit of SNSD's Jessica confirmed.

A spokesman for the call if the player Krystal Korean drama 'The Heirs' it would still be a member of f (x) and automatic still in umbrella agency SM Entertainment. He calls if Krystal totally shaken by the news about his brother, because he has to know about it long before this news was revealed.

Krystal even look cheerful face when undergoing filming session for his latest Korean drama, 'My Lovely Girl' new - this new, like nothing happened - nothing. Furthermore, the spokesman pointed out if Krystal is a matter that can distinguish between personal and work where affairs.
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