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Hot Couple Korean Artists 2016

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Korean Artists News - Most popular Korean artist couple 2016 - hmmmmmm. . . . good news for fans of the artist pal nich korea korea ..... namely the artist couple who this time could you all to see, hopefully you can add information about the artist korea. so do not get bored see news about Korean artists here huh? 

Wow a lot of artists were paired yes. not only in Indonesia wrote, in korea too much. nah mate wanted to know the most popular in korea? wait deh do not be hasty HESA. for those who do not know about the artist please see the following artists who used this. Most popular Korean artist currently let my friend know more details. okay if already see we deh kihat immediately wrote the following ..

* Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young 2 The main star cast Korean drama series City Hunter Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young finally officially dating and gossip both have this special relationship had been discussed so much on the internet before, this stems from the emergence of the photographs produced two superstars met even city ​​hunter after filming had ended, and many papers are predicted if their relationship as a result of romance and wonder if this story will last a long time, response thereto and the management of Lee Min Park Min said that they actually get the spirit of one another during the process City Hunter shooting a long and tiring, but the closeness of this couple was even more intense until the end of filming fim city hunter, now Lee min ho and Park Min Young has been enjoying the beauty of the newly established dating about 2 months.

* Nickhun '2 AM 'and Victoria' F (X) 'After the announcement that Victoria personnel F (X) will accompany Nickhun '2 AM 'We Get Mariage, many who deny that they become a couple, but apparently the second day the couple was seen getting intimate in public proved some time ago Nickhun April and Victoria participated in the event of base ball sport and was photographed kissing the cheek Nickhun Victoria Victoria even put her hand on his back Nickhun.

* Ji Sung and Lee Bo YoungIn the year 2008, the relationship Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young finally caught by the media they are together in the car, so that eventually the habit caught on camera Ji Sung as Lee Bo Young journalists out of the house led to a car in which were Miss Korea 2000 which Jisung PROTECH starring the boss, now they have been dating for over 4 years and now they no longer feel awkward to spit their affection in public.

* Jung Yonghwa 'CN Blue' and Seohyun 'SNSD'A personnel 'CN Blue' is Jung Yonghwa and personnel of the group 'SNSD' which originally Seohyun a lot of their fans were surprised they become a couple, but also many who doubt their relationship is still too young for that time Seohyun was aged 19 years and recently graduated Jung Yonghwa high school while 21-year-old, and at last June Jung Yonghwa get the show on We get asked Mariage and when the ideal woman who deserves her side was Seohyun.

* Lee Sang Yon Nam Sang Mi andOn 31 May and artist Lee Sang Yon admit a lover of actress Nam Sang Mi, and they said that from there the same feelings between each other, and after starring in the film Life is beautiful they always play together and eventually the relationship be developed as a celebrities and their partners eventually apologized to his fans on the relationship that are hidden all these years.

* Eugene and Ki Tae YoungEugene and Ki Tae Young co-starred in the movie Kreating Destiny, eventually their relationship lasted to the altar, and they dated about a half a year but the fans and even their friends draftsman, no one knows their preparations to go to aisle 27 June last, and even dress imposed Eugene is famous hollywood celebrity designer is Moniuqe Julia.

* Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hae JinThey finally tied the knot last March 11 as lively as dead, and both would soon depart honeymoon to Hawaii after the wedding is over, because the place is still close to Korea, and passangan has been happy since June 30 last has given birth to a daughter.

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