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Girlband 2NE1 Biography

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2NE1 is hip-hop group from South Korea formed by YG Entertainment in 2009. Member of 2NE1 consists of Dara, CL, Minzy and Park Bom. 2NE1's own meaning of the name is 'New Evolution of the 21st Century' or the latest evolution of the 21st century.

2NE1 first appeared in commercials with boyband Lollipop Big Bang for LG Telecom. Fire released their debut single on May 6, 2009. Since then, they released also 2NE1 and one studio abum TO ANYONE.

Girlband 2NE1 also scored many hit singles kinds, Lollipop, Fire, I Do not Care, Try to Follow Me, Go Away, Lonely, I'm The Best and Hate You who all had a hit No. 1 in Korea. In addition they have rabid fans who called themselves Blackjacks.

Thematically girlband 2NE1 able to show the impression of independent and strong woman. This is as seen in the song I do not Care, Go Away and I'm The Best.

In addition 2NE1 is also famous for their unique style. When they are known as soldiers debut hip-hop and girl version of Big Bang. However 2NE1 able to change that perception with the song I Do not Care, as a woman feminine and strong.

Also in the song It's Hurt, 2NE1 could change their style with gothic style, with wigs and hair that is quite strange. This song was released on the day of Helloween, so that it fits with the theme being displayed.

2NE1 members claimed they were influenced by various styles of music. Park Bom says that musicians who have a considerable influence him are Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Mariah Carey, in which all three have amazing vocal abilities. Park Bom himself said that his favorite genre is hip hop and R & B. Meanwhile, Minzy which is also the youngest member says he was inspired by Michael Jackson, while CL chose producer Teddy and Madonna and Lauryn Hyll as a role model. Dara is being said that he was heavily influenced by singer Uhm Jung Hwa.

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