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» » KARA’s Gyuri diagnosed with vocal cord nodules

KARA’s Gyuri diagnosed with vocal cord nodules

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Korean Artists News-During practice for the performance of Korean musical drama '200 Pounds Beauty ', Gyuri felt that something was wrong and went to the hospital on November 18th for check ups.

All performances and exercises to music that began back in August seems to finally have a bad impact on Gyuri's throat.

DSP Media stated, "Although the hospital called for absolute rest, Gyuri set the condition when he was practicing for his music. Music production staff worried about the condition of his throat, and stated that they would try to do something for the upcoming performance on December 6 in Seoul Choongmoo art Hall. However, Gyuri has declined and did not stop practicing. "

Gyuri commented, "Whatever the condition of my body, this is the promise of performance with the audience. I know that all these reasons, the audience will not accept it. I want to prepare the best stage, but my throat worse condition than I thought, so I really really upset. However, I try my best to recover quickly so I can fulfill my duties at the stage of promise. "

He added, "I consider it my fault that I did not keep my health up in kondisiterbaik. But I will try my best during practice so I will not have a negative effect on performance."

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