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» » Think of SNSD's Super 7 Plastics | Girlband Taiwan

Think of SNSD's Super 7 Plastics | Girlband Taiwan

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Korean Artists News-Think of SNSD's Super 7 Plastics | Girlband Taiwan - SNSD Fans certainly furious when he hears this news. Super 7, one of the Taiwanese girlband, accused SNSD as beautiful as plastic or plastic surgery.

This was revealed from one of Taiwan media interviews with the Super 7. This group previously received much criticism for being plagiarize SNSD in their mv.

"Initially we were very angry, even to tears. But we now realize why it makes fans disappointed mv. We also feel that the criticism had a purpose, then we can overcome the negative comments," said Super 7.

"Few SNSD member who can sing and dance very well done, but other members do not have the capability of interest. All members SNSD have plastic surgery, but we pretty naturally so their bodies can not be compared with us," added this girlband.

After removing the unpleasant comments, they change the tone and say, "We're not saying that we can do better than SNSD, but we consider them as role models," he added.

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