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IU | Korean Cute Singer

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Korean Artists - IU | Korean Cute Singer - IU News from Korean singer, Korean artist who just this famous ternaya do have exceptional talent in the world of singing, With these endeavors as long as it's a pretty fruitless, continued his career skyrocketed. 

IU singer has just released his second album, titled 'Last Fantasy'. Three-year career in the music world Korea, IU still maintaining its image as an innocent girl. Let's further acquaintance with him!
IU was born with the name Lee Ji Eun, May 16, 1993. He debuted at the age of 15 in 2008. Not like her cute, vocal character is extraordinary. Within four short years, IU managed to prove himself to par with most other idol group format. 

Currently, IU is under the auspices of Loen Entertainment. Previously he had tried their luck with the audition in Mgoon and JYP Entertainment. In JYP, he auditioned along with Wooyoung which later merged with 2PM and Goo Hara are then joined at the KARA. Unfortunately, at that IU did not work.
IU finally debuted as a solo singer in the music program MNet M! Countdown 18 September 2008. He released his first mini-album titled 'Lost and Found' with the title track which became a hit 'Missing Child'. A year later, he released his first album 'Growing Up' with the song 'Boo' which then deliver it to the position of SBS 'Inkigayo'. 

IU a pleasant personality and stature like schoolboys in general make IU fans rather than among adolescents, but also parents. No wonder if he got the nickname 'national little sister'. However, the IU itself felt cold and unfriendly. 

"People who do not know me well will say 'he's changed after so popular'. But I was cold and unfriendly since then. Ever since his debut yet," said IU

In 2011 a golden year for a duet partner Seulong '2 AM 'it. "I ran so far this year without a break, but this is the year's most fun for me," he continued. 

As teenagers in general, IU always look vibrant though sometimes shy. He was several times seen to take a taxi alone to school and attend some events are still in uniform. What has changed from IU life after becoming a star? 

"I continue to find the other side of my life before I do not know, even I myself sometimes surprised," he said. 

He also claimed to still awkward to perform in front of the crowd. "Frankly, I'm still a little scared when a lot of people watching, but in the same time, it inspired me," he concluded. 

That was the news from IU Korea Cute singer artist have you all see, hopefully pleasing to you all.

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