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List of Popular Korean boyband

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Korean boyband highly favored by many people especially young people, we try to provide a list of Korean boy band that is certainly the most popular and the most popular. Intrigued by the Korean boyband list? Consider the direct aja yuk ...

T-Max Boyband Korea's Most Popular
Boyband T-Max consists of three personnel. They are Shin Min-Cheol, Park Yun Hwa and Kim June They are active since 2007 and is under the auspices Planet905 entainment. The boyband formed properly because they were trained for approximately three years.

Each personnel has advantages in their voices. That carried the boy band music fills the soundtrack drama 'Boys Over Flowers' This is R & B. However, in early 2010, one of its personnel, Park Yun Hwa decided to follow the draft. This decision surprised their loyal fans.

The departure of Park Yun Hwa made T-Max finally find new personnel. They recruited two new members of the Park Joo Hanbi and Chanyang. Now they come with a new lineup that is four people.

Most Popular Korean boy band Shinhwa
Shinhwa consists of six members. Three people for vocals while the rest is a rapper. This boy band was first formed in 1998. Shinhwa is a boyband that can last longer than other boy bands in Asia. The group has released five albums that can topped the Korean pop songs.

'Inspiration' is not only a success in the country, but also in Japan. This song made it into the top five in Japan in 2006. Over the years, Shinhwa has gained recognition as one of the best vocal and dance.

Most Popular Korean boy band SHINee
SHINee is one of Korea boyband on the rise. They brought contemporary R & B music. The group was formed in 2008 by SM Entertainment and consists of five people. Debut is the first time performing in 'SBS Inkigayo' May 25, 2008 and by promoting their single titled 'Noona Neomu Yeppeo'.

During his career in the Korean music scene, SHINee has won many awards. Their concert tour in Korea and in other Asian countries are always filled with spectators. SHINee brings success starring in a reality show. In addition, SHINee is also regarded as a fashion icon as 'SHINee Trend'.

Do not want to be called champion, the music group chose to try to try out their musical abilities in Japan. And they became one of Korean musicians who appeared on the show MTV Video Music Award in the Sakura country.

SHINee also enliven a music event in Indonesia on October 12, 2010 last. They were surprised because it received overwhelming response from the fans here. In fact, because the fans are so enthusiastic SHINee had two personnel injured as thousands of fans scrambling to shake.

Most Popular Korean boy band 2PM
Seven-member 2PM. But, now they only live six because their frontman, 2PM, Jaebeom announced his retirement in 2009. Jaebeom's exit from boyband since it is known he never made negative comments about Korea a few years ago.

Jaebeom go, but that does not make this vocal group underwent disturbed in their activities in the world of music. Precisely careers and their popularity skyrocketed further. The boyband also briefly visited Indonesia and appeared to bring some of his songs in JIEXPO Kemayoran on 19 March. The boyband appearance makes a hysterical fans.

Big Bang
Korean boy band Big Bang Most Popular
The five-member boyband put together in 2005-2006. Formation of this group was made in a television series called 'Big Bang Documentary' from July to August 2006. After signature by YG Entertainment, Big Bang released several successful singles were successful.

After receiving the award for 'Artist of the Year' in the event M.Net KM Music Festival and the Seoul Gayo Daesang Award, the Big Bang decided to target the Japanese music fans. They released a single and mini album which sold to Japan.

Currently, the members of Big Bang are also busy solo career. Their activities not only dimusik but also diakting. After a hiatus of two years as a full group, Big Bang finally back with their big concert in 2011.

That was 10 Boyband Korea Most Popuer, of course, wait for the next post about korean artist.

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