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» » Boyband Korea Will Rule the Year 2014

Boyband Korea Will Rule the Year 2014

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Here Boyband Korea Will Rule the Year 2014

Coming in 2014 are of course many curious as to what idol appearance them next year . Well this time we the theme of the boyband that will dominate 2014 . Although arguably boyband newcomers , the boy band has been able to prove

their influence throughout the 2013 's. Of course , the year 2014 will be The scene of the boyband to rival The highest throne of K - Pop .

1 . Winner
Although not yet officially debut , notching boyband YG Entertainment attracts many the attention of fans . Debut Winner is indeed awaited by many people to see rookie boyband battle that does not be underestimated . Reportedly , this Winner prepared to rival boyband formed SM Entertainment , EXO .

2 . BtoB
Boyband be a junior this BEAST it continues to be promoted since its debut . mini BtoB titled album Thriller is also capable of make K - Pop fans fall in love . Surely the BtoB idol fans want to widen wings in 2014.

3 . BTS
In 2013 the successful boyband BTS ensnare K - Pop fans with powerful songs them . Not only that , through the reality show they present , fans are increasingly entangled in the boy band charm shelter The Big Hit entertainment . of course BTS fans can not wait for her comeback Idol in 2014.

4 . VIXX
Boyband which boldly displays Mv concepts that could be considered spooky success makes fans crazy about them . Starting with his debut dressed VIXX creepy , their latest Mv titled Voodoo Doll is also inseparable from the theme horror . Even so , the charm of the dance This VIXX members can not be circumvented .

5 . EXO
You could say boyband EXO is phenomenal in in 2013 . With their comeback , EXO dominate the charts . even songs Growl they had just received an award in KBS Music Festival as Song Of The Year.

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