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10 personnel faced boyband korea feminine

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10 personnel faced boyband korea feminine - indeed fun yes, again talking about Korean boyband. Is true, the term not be endless if we talk about the issues of Korean boyband. Especially for those who really boyband korea maniac. Not gonna get tired even after a thousand times to discuss the issues of Korean boyband.
At this time information, there is info about Korean boyband personnel whose face is very feminine and pretty impressed. For those who are not observant, probably not going to think that they are the guy. Like what the info? yuk, we consider the following information from SituSaja
Here are 10 personnel Boyband Korea faced Feminine.

1. Ren NUEST

Since its emergence a guy whose real name is Choi Minki is so much discussed. Classified as a fresh newcomer debut in 2012, Ren makes a face pretty much the norm. It is also an impact on the popularity which eventually direct NUEST has many fans.

2. Kim Heechul Super Junior

Who does not know the man was born July 10, 1983. Either photo edits or not, a definite face and gorgeous look perfect together. But do not be fooled because behind the feminine impression, Heechul was the type of person who can be quite bitchy.

3. Taemin SHINee

Endowed with the ability to dance and vocal master, Taemin also has a very pretty face. In fact he was 'scolded' by senior Korean singer Patti Kim a call too pretty. Iri maybe yes?
4. Kim Jaejoong

Jaejoong name can not be removed from this list. Play around with the foam, through Intermodulation photobook, a man who is now his career with JYJ shows poses that would rarely done by a guy.
5. Kevin U-KISS

Korean boyband member does often change the image depending on the concept. In this pose Kevin does look handsome. But this guy never posed mimicked girl wearing a wig. The result is as if people are not aware if he is a guy.

6. G-Dragon

Wild immediate impression of G-Dragon's eyes. Lengthen the front of the hair is eccentric and shut one eye, combined black makeup around the eyes make her look beautiful and aggressive.
7. Hyunseung B2ST

Member boyband B2ST has the combined complex personality '4 D '. When I was a long haired, Hyunseung tend to look pretty. Yet when paired with Hyuna Trouble Maker duet pass, the guy born 3 September 1989 was turned into a 'sexy abis'.
8. Sungjong Infinite

One of the maknae-line which can be pretty cute boy and girl together. Shelter under Woollim Entertainment, with Infinite Sungjong popularity amid hacking.

9. Youngmin Boyfriend

Similar but not the same. Youngmin has a twin brother named Kwangmin who also joined the boyband Boyfriend. If the song Do not Touch My Girl, Kwangmin started to look macho side show, Youngmin still look with dyed blonde hair which sometimes makes it look pretty.

10. Jinyoung B1A4

B1A4 genius Leader, who has the talent to create a song like a monster. But physically, smooth skin and her facial shape implies a feminine rather than handsome.
What do you think? very beautiful is not it? although they guy but his face hardly appeared when they guy. Well, that information about 10 PERSONNEL these feminine-looking Korean boyband.

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