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Most Cute Korean actress

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Most Cute Korean Actress, Those who would like to see Korean artists this one is pretty and cute korean artist.


Ah Lee is a young Korean artist. He is starring Yang Mi Soon in Bread, Love's dream. Cute artist born October 23, 1984 has starred in several Korean dramas and some movies korea, the famous Ghost Story and Caramel. Female Blood Type B is also in 2008 won Korean Actress latest entrants in Broadcasting Award. Scorpio Girls star was still studying at Hanyang University and majored in Physical Education Degree.

2. GIM YU JIN (Eugene)
GIM YU JIN (Eugene)

Gim Yu Jin is a Korean artist born March 3 1981. real name Kim Yoo Jin is studying at KFS (Korean Foreign School). Starring Shin Yu gyeong in King Of Baking has some expertise that is playing the piano, photography, interior design and drawing. Beautiful girl who is often called by his friends Panda can three languages: Korean, English and chammorro.

Kim So Eun is a gifted talent in the industry of Korean dramas and movies. Cute girls this one is still very young ie 21 years. Starring Chu Ga Eul in Boys Before Flower drama in gossiping about dating a co-star in the BBF, which is none other than the girl idol Kim Bum Korean drama fans. Virgo Girls star has starred in five movies Korea, and the last in 2007, The Show Must Go On and Someone behind You.


Song Ji Hyo is a well-known artist in the Korean drama Goong (Princess Hours) and he plays quite convincing as Min Hyo Rin. His role is quite cool as antogonis in Goong, but elegant look that impressed with her style cute and adorable. Girls born in 1981, has starred in 4 movies korea, one Frozen Flower in 2008.


Im Soo Jeong is an artist born in Seoul Korea 29 years ago this was Song Eun Chae starring in Korean dramas I am Sorry I Love You. Cute girl has a doll-like Babyface nickname because his face was too cute for girls her age. The girl who starred Cancer and plays the body 167 cm has often won several awards, some of which are the best actress and best mate's blessing Korean drama in 2004. Artists cute this one is also noted to be a student Suwon University.

6. Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo is the most phenomenal actress in Korea, that in Indonesia he was more like Desy Ratnasari in terms of popularity. Catholic girl has starred in the Korean drama very much, and that may still be remembered in our memories as a prisoner acting with Rain in Full House. Artists born 28 years ago has won several awards in the country, including Best Actress for All In from SBS. Babes reserve the hobby of collecting perfume was recorded once attended Sejong University, although it did not pass because too busy with shotingnya schedule.


Shin Min Ah is the original artist born in South Korea. He began his career as a model in Kiki Magazine, and after that job as commercials flows so profusely. Beautiful girl this one turned out real name Yang Min Ah, looks no different popular names. Now he is studying at Dongguk University and majored in Performing Arts. There are 5 Korean dramas that have starred in, and one of them is still warm in our memories as a prisoner and mengharukannya Acting with Rain, I Love To Kill. Just like Song Hye-kyo he has received many awards bnyak one Best Actress of SBS. Aries Girl star also received the Best Couple Award in 2010 with his co-star Lee Seung Ki.

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