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» » Handsome Korean Artist Photos | Photo Won Bin

Handsome Korean Artist Photos | Photo Won Bin

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Handsome Korean Artist Photos | Photo Won Bin - Korean drama fans who are not familiar with Won Bin? Actor famous through drama Endless Love this grown man now has become very handsome.

37-year-old actor was appointed to be the iconic face care products for Biotherm Homme. As you can see, in one photo, Won Bin looks so stylish with a suit in the concept of black and white photos.

Although taken in a candid, expression of the actor is absolutely perfect. Arguably none are as perfect as the veteran drama actor Won Bin, agreed?

In another photo, you will be spoiled with a close up photo of the actor. With this close, you can see what a face as perfect as Won Bin.

Beautiful Eyes, eyes sharp, manly face shape, this is what you will see from the figure of Endless Love. Perhaps all that's what makes the actor could still be in the acting world, although Korea has 17 years.

Although it is no drama and movie projects, Won Bin can not wait to be back with the crew laugh in a good drama. "I'm no project. I hope will quickly be able to laugh together everything in a good project," the story of the man born in 1977.

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