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Latest News Artist Couple Korea

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Latest News Artist Couple Korea, News and gossip from Korean artist indeed many who seek it. This is because in recent years, the Korean artist artist became one of the public figures who idolized by the people of Indonesia, especially the youth.

Associated with the increasing number of Korean artists this is not due to chance, but more and more popping movies and dramas originating from that country. In fact, some serial drama also had dominated the private television station in Indonesia.

Apart from the screening of the film amupun drama series with artist artist who arguably could steal this, many modes were emulated by the msyarakat, be it how to dress, makeup and hair pieces Korean artist models.

Personal life several Korean artists are also not spared from the target of the fans. Even Biography, Gossip artist or activities undertaken these artists has always followed its development by lovers of artists from these neighboring countries. And here is some info about the Korean artist couple who certainly will not miss.

Recent Korean artist couple

Starting the new year 2014, already reported about two pairs of Korean artists who officially reveal the affair, the SNSD YoonA and Lee Seung Gi, as well as new boyfriend SNSD Sooyoung is Jung Kyung Ho. However, unlike most other artists who just left his fans when they are known to the public has had a girlfriend. Both of these couples actually received a lot of support from the fans. And the following are some of the latest gossip Korean artist couple who got a lot of support from their fans.

Couples Artist Kim Tae Hee and Rain

The news began to smell at the beginning of 2013 yesterday where Kim Tae Hee and Rain was spotted on a date and just when Rain conscripted. But the pair have not yet seen the Korean artyis road together again although Rain had completed military duty imposed on the Korean nation.

Artist Couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum

Latest gossip Korean Artists subsequent fall in pair Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum. Playing in the same drama makes both artists experienced a CINLOK. After completing both Korean drama titled, 'Goddess of Fire', they announced to the public as lovers and immediately establish a joint vacation trip around Europe but also with the crew 'Goddess of Fire'.

Artist couple SNSD YoonA and Lee Seung Gi

The beginning of 2014 seems to be a happy year for this Korean artist couple. Precisely on January 1, 2014, the K-Pop music lovers in general and in particular SNSD made a stir with news about the relationship between YoonA and Lee Seung Gi. SM Entertainment and Hook Entertainment confirmed if they are in the exploratory period.

Artist couple SNSD Sooyoung And Jung Kyung Ho

Their relationship has been running long enough was already known by the public, but the second pair koreaterbaru artist is denied that the two had an affair. This they do in order to avoid the abandonment by their fans. For me, reading the news and know more about the second pair

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