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Jessica SNSD

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Out of SNSD's Jessica, Krystal Exit From f (x)? After the shocking news about the release of Jessica from famous Korean girl group, SNSD, this time the latest news coming from the brother of Jessica, Krystal called - called also will pull out of f (x). Really?

Speculation about the departure of Krystal from f (x) is not without reason. During this time, Krystal and her sister, Jessica's sister is famous as a couple - an older brother who has a very strong bond. Both are often out together for a meal or simply want to vent. Jessica himself admitted that if he was more comfortable roads - roads with Krystal compared with other SNSD members. Proximity is what makes public K-Pop lovers, especially fans of SNSD and f (x) Krystal in question the existence of f (x) after the exit of SNSD's Jessica confirmed.

A spokesman for the call if the player Krystal Korean drama 'The Heirs' it would still be a member of f (x) and automatic still in umbrella agency SM Entertainment. He calls if Krystal totally shaken by the news about his brother, because he has to know about it long before this news was revealed.

Krystal even look cheerful face when undergoing filming session for his latest Korean drama, 'My Lovely Girl' new - this new, like nothing happened - nothing. Furthermore, the spokesman pointed out if Krystal is a matter that can distinguish between personal and work where affairs.

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