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» » Rain Creating Drama My Lovely Girl Laris

Rain Creating Drama My Lovely Girl Laris

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Rain is still one of the South Korean actors with a very high popularity. Thanks to his involvement in the series My Lovely Girl, Korean dramas are an instant hit in China.

My Lovely Girl itself be sold to a streaming site Youku and Tudou with a fairly fantastic, which is 200 million won per episode and worth 3.2 billion won for the whole episode. This price beat Korean drama It's Okay, That's Love which successfully sold for 2 billion won.

For the first two episodes alone, My Lovely Girl've watched over 5.5 million times on Youku and Tudou 2.6 million times. In addition, My Lovely Girl also became the only Korean drama that went Top Ten in the list of the most watched drama on Youku.

The success of My Lovely Girl certainly can not be separated from the popularity of Rain itself. Rain however is not long enough to play in a romantic drama, so that they appear in My Lovely Girl really very awaited by his fans.

Rain himself revealed that he is very interested in the story My Lovely Girl, that's why he is keen to star in the drama along with co-star, Krystal f (x).

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