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News Of Seohyun SNSD

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News Of Seohyun SNSD
1. born in Seoul, South Korea.2. he is an only child.3. Seohyun is very Likes to play the piano.4. He is very in love with Keroro and very good in imitating the sounds of Keroro.5. SNSD member of the most patient.6. Seohyun had been a model with TVXQ.7. He was a maknae (youngest) in SNSD.8. His behavior did not show him a maknae.9. When angry for the first time in an event, he broke the record.10. Although a maknae, Seohyun are not included in the vote count maknae.
11. BC follows the casting system in 2003.12. In addition to singing, Seohyun is also good at dancing.13. Yoona and Seohyun school in the same place.14. Seohyun is a member who can not lie, because it tiffany often ask him if he tricked the other members being15. Roomates it is Hyoyeon.16. "Unnie (older sister), you're much prettier than me" Seohyun always said that pd unnie2nya in SNSD.17. Yonghwa CNBLUE is satu2nya and the first man who is close to Seohyun.18. Often rumored to be dating Yonghwa.19. Kyuhyun once rumored with SuJu.20. Minho "shinee" never claimed that Seohyun is the ideal type of woman.
21. He always record all the activities that will be done.22. Fans nicknamed him "the great maknae" high posture because when he was the youngest.23. Yoona once said "no, you're beautiful"24. Strictly abide by the rules.25. Never refuse if another member told him.26. Always use formal language in daily conversation.27. He was very awkward to use informal language.28. Member of the most quiet.29. A thorough30. Maintaining a healthy diet
31. Aegyo not like to do.32. All members agreed that he was an ambitious reply.33. Tiffany had chosen as a career woman would if she dated a man.34. A perfectionist who.35. Never made a mistake while performing.36. Have the same ring with Yonghwa.37. Seohyun often experience a crisis of confidence.38. Seohyun is the oldest member when bathing.39. Follow the show We Got Married with Yonghwa CNBLUE.40. He was very plain.
41. Seohyun is not like the smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke.42. Always pay attention to the foods it is eaten.43. Abstaining from eating junk food, Seohyun-style sound principles.44. SuJu members have wept when told that she looks very sexy in an event, and unnie-unnienya immediately rebuked them because to make her cry (lucunya. ....)45. Seohyun like sweet potatoes.46. Seohyun always wake up every morning at 7 am for a book.47. Seohyun most like the character Keroro, therefore he can epithet Seororo.48. Seohyun could not see the cartoon / anime until 2 am.49. Seohyun time he will miss the nostalgic Keroro listened to OST Keroro.50. Seohyun loves to put stickers of frogs throughout the room including the barang2 belonging to another member.51. Seohyun is a member of the most rare mengekspesikan anger.52. He was one of the members who possess the most closed after Taeyeon in SNSD.53. Johny Deep is Seohyun idols

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