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» » Kahi Teachers After School So Beautiful in 'Dream High 2'

Kahi Teachers After School So Beautiful in 'Dream High 2'

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Korean Artists - Kahi Teachers After School So Beautiful in 'Dream High 2' - Kahi is a Korean actress who starred in the drama Dream High 2, the following is the story I hope you are satisfied please scrutiny.
After yesterday, the fourth major player "Dream High 2" was officially announced, today announced the re-production that stars will be joined in series. Korean star who entered the ranks of the players joined the series is beautiful singer, personnel girlband After School, Kahi.

However, in contrast to the four main players, Jinwoon 2AM, Hyorin Sistar, T-ara Ji Yeon and Kang Sora, who plays high school student. Kahi will be their teacher in the school musical. Kahi role is described as teachers gorgeous partner of the character played by Park Jin Young.

"Kahi does not have the acting skills are perfect, but he is the type of hard worker and knows no fear," said the production "Dream High 2". "We've been waiting how his acting later in the series. He (Kahi) said would be acting in narural, so it would be nice to see work with Park Jin Young."

The plan, the sequel series "Dream High" will be more musical. The director wanted to focus more on singing and dancing than the series storyline.

The first series, "Dream High" (2011), successful with a couple of Korean popular young stars, among others Taecyeon 2PM, Suzy miss A, Eun Jung T-ara Kim Hyun Soo, Bae Yong Joon and IU.
This time the "Dream High 2" also re-produced by Key East Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. The plan, the series will begin filming in December this year and scheduled for release in January 2012 on KBS station.

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