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» » KBS says, “JYJ’s song “Pierrot” is inappropriate”

KBS says, “JYJ’s song “Pierrot” is inappropriate”

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Korean Artists News-JYJ’s song was recently judged inappropriate for KBS.
On the 28th, KBS  posted the result from deliberation on the K-Pop songs. They judged JYJ’s song “Pierrot” and “Mission” to be inappropriate for the air on KBS.

According to KBS, the reason was “Pierrot” makes a personal attack against Lee Soo Man, president of SM Entertainment. The lyrics of “Pierrot” are aimed at SM, the company that has a conflict with JYJ.
“Pierrot” contains unconventional lyrics, saying, “I’m your Pierrot, so funny. I give you everything. My mind is worn out. You are perfect pro who cares about nothing but money, P.S.M. What are you gonna do to me again. Take your dirty hand off. Don’t even look at me. We are changed. Don’t try to lock us in that kind of  pictorial. Look at the world, it’s wonderful. I’m not a Pierrot.”
JYJ’s other song “Mission” was judged inappropriate, because the lyrics contain swear words.
JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong tweeted, “Since we are human, we can imagine whatever we want to. I wonder what kind of picture will come out. Boss Fighting! Album Fighting!”
Source: Starnews

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