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» » Interesting Photos of Big Bang's Daesung Surface

Interesting Photos of Big Bang's Daesung Surface

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Interesting Photos of Big Bang's Daesung Surface

Korean Artists News-It has been a busy and exciting time for Big Bang lately, especially Daesung. It hasn’t been long since the group returned from their trip to Europe, coming together (unofficially) as five once again. The trip has ignited hopes of seeing more of Daesung and the rest of Big Bang real soon.

Recently a few interesting photos of Daesung have surfaced on the Internet. As soon as they were discovered they have been spreading like wildfire across the Web. The photos show a side of Daesung which is rarely seen by the public. They display a fit and well-toned Daesung donning a costume and mask in various poses.  The images appear to be for promotional purposes, but the question is for what exactly?

A similar image had been spotted by fans sometime last year, back when Daesung was filming for his upcoming drama, “What’s Up.” There were enormous posters emblazoned with Daesung’s image which adorned the building where supposedly filming was taking place for the said drama. Even a ticket for a performance with the title of “Hades” was uncovered.  The title matches that on the larger-than-life posters of Daesung. All of these items were believed to be props for a future episode of “What’s Up,” where Daesung appears to be playing the role of the title character in a musical.

Whatever the images might be for, he sure looks good doing it. The photos have created quite the hype amongst fans for the new drama’s debut. “What’s Up” is said to begin airing in December on MBN.

What are your opinions of Daesung’s latest images? Are you excited for “What’s Up”?

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