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10 Best Korean Female Artists Singers

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Korean Female Artists-10 Best Korean Female Singers-Korean music has come a long way and the time is just right for the rest of the world to know who the 10 best Korean female singers are. Korea is known worldwide for their excellent brand of electronics, the health vitality root crop of ginseng and the loved-by-everyone and hated-by-everyone kimchi. No one has really realized it yet, but Korea is experiencing a boom in their entertainment industry, both in the visual arts and the music industry.
  1. Lee Hyori Originally started as part of an all-female group but eventually decided to go solo. This proved to be very fortuitous for Hyori's career as her first solo album immediately shot her to fame and earned her several Artist of the Year awards.
  2. BoA The artist more popularly known as BoA was born Kwon Boa decided to take on the stage name BoA to symbolize her actual name (an acronym for “Beat of Angel”). She recognizes R&B artists Janet Jackson and Nelly as her inspirations and is active in the entertainment circuit not only in Korea but in Japan and the United States.
  3. Younha Considered to be one of the most talented K-pop (Korean pop) and J-pop (Japanese pop) artists in the music entertainment industry. Younha consistently reaches the top of the female solo singers of Korea. Many of her compositions have made it soundtracks of several famous Japanese anime shows.
  4. Jang Nara Jang Nara is one of those famous singers who has honed their art at a very early age. With her background in theater arts, she has also managed to branch out to another entertainment industry: acting. Just like Hyori (see above), Nara also experienced worldwide success with her first album, immediately selling close to 400,000 copies worldwide.
  5. Yoon Eun Hye To associate the word multi-talented with singer Yoon Eun Hye is an understatement. Originally part of an all-female group named "Baby VOX," Yoon Eun Hye is also a talented actress and a model to boot. She is considered already a veteran in the Korean entertainment industry with her vast experience and her wide scope of work.
  6. Bae Seul Gi Similar to her colleagues on the list of the ten best Korean female singers, Bae Seul Gi has also ventured from the world of music entertainment to the world of acting. Formerly part of the group “The Red,” she has since gone solo and is famous for high octane dance songs.
  7. Kim Yoo-jin Also professionally known in English as Kim Eugene, she is part of the Korean pop girl group "S.E.S." Appreciated for her stunning beauty, Yoo-jin is also an actress featured on Korean television. Her mesmerizing beauty is rumored to be the reason why "S.E.S." has been getting so much attention in receiving endorsement contracts.
  8. Dara Park The Korean female singer also known as Sandara Park is considered to be the heart of the all female group "2NE1." Already with a ton of experience in the movie and television industry during her stay in the Philippines, she entered the music entertainment industry upon her return to Korea. She is also the first member of "2NE1" to release a solo single.
  9. Lee Chae-Yeon The female Korean singer Lee Chae-Yeon actually started her singing career in Japan with a group named "Brand New Biscuits." When she returned to Korea, her smashing debut there was attributed to her powerful vocals and her incredible dancing.
  10. Lee Soo Young Unlike the other members on the list, the singer Lee Soo Young is a ballad singer. Crediting a total of nine albums to her name and an additional of five mini-albums, she is considered one of the most accomplished Korean female singers on this list.
That was the best 10 Korean female artists singers that I get from various sources, I hope you can add to the knowledge of all fans of Korean artists.

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